Five Ways To Prepare For The Week Ahead

Preparing myself for the week is a habit my mum instilled in me wayyyy back when I was starting secondary school, and I’m so grateful that she did. There are lots of ways I like to prepare, so I thought I’d share a few of them with you today:

1. Write up a weekly plan.

I’m a huge advocate of planning. I love to do it – I find it relaxing and inspiring, and I think I’m lucky that I like it. There are lots of people who I’ve met who really don’t like sitting down to organize their week. I think everyone has their own strategy of managing their plans but sitting down to write lists and times of appointments/meetings keeps me on top of my workload and generally a lot more positive. I use Sunday evenings to write everything down in my planner, so that everything is laid out in front of me for the week ahead.

2. Plan your outfits for the week.
This one is really useful if you have an ever expanding closet. Taking some time to pick out a few outfits for  the week mean that your mornings will be a lot less rushed, and you won’t have the dreaded ‘nothing to wear’ situation to face before heading out. Plus, you’ll be a lot more relaxed doing this during the weekend compared to early in the morning, so you’re more likely to be inspired and pair up new outfit ideas from the pieces that you already have in your wardrobe.

3. Tidy up your living space.
Having everything neat and tidy on a Monday morning is the best feeling. I always like to put everything in it’s place, stack up any papers or files that I’ll need throughout the week (in order) and give my desk a quick dust. It definitely makes a difference in my productivity and motivation to work, especially if I’m completing assignments from home.

4. Meal prep.
I’ve recently got into the habit of taking an hour or two out of my Sunday to prepare meals and snacks for the week ahead. I keep them in plastic containers and store them in the fridge so that it’s easy to just grab and go. This really helps prevent any last minute unhealthy choices because everything is already prepared – it’s more of a time consuming task, but it’s worth it in the long run!

5. Take time to enjoy your weekend.
I’ve seen lots of memes about realizing it’s Sunday evening and feeling depressed that Monday is to come, and honestly… I don’t get it. Enjoying every last drop of weekend, including Sunday evening, is important to me – that means not stressing about the work to come! Also, if I’ve done all the things I’ve listed above, I tend to feel more relaxed anyway and I can use the rest of Sunday to watch some Netflix and drink some tea. The idea behind all of this is to make the week positive and easier to manage, so it’s important to take time and enjoy it.

What are your plans for this week?


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