March Loves

This month was a very beauty orientated month in terms of my favourites! It’s a real mix from skincare, to fragrance, to beauty tools and makeup, so I’ll just get to it:

The Body Shop Rose Plumping Mask has been tending to my dry skin throughout this month – I’ve been using it on a twice-weekly basis and I think it’s the only thing preventing my skin from becoming paper right now! I’ve raved about how much I love this mask several times since I purchased it last year, so I’ll leave a link to this post which goes into a bit more detail. 

This month has been the month of fresher Spring fragrances for me, and I’ve fallen back in love with my Jo Malone Cologne in Peony & Blush Suede. It’s such a beautifully soft scent, and peonies are my favourite (how very blogger of me!), so this fragrance is incredibly uplifting to wear. Again, I wrote a post dedicated to my favourite Spring scents which I’ll link here.

I’ve been keeping my eyeshadow really simple this month, opting for one shade all over the lid, a little mascara and nothing else. The shadows that I’ve found work wonders for this sort of look are the NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadows in Hymalia and Dione. They pack on super intense pigment, so my eye look doesn’t look sparse or incomplete – but they’re really quick and easy to apply and blend. I love them so much that I wrote a whole post on them – you might have caught that earlier this month, but I’ll link it here just in case you missed it.

In terms of beauty tools, I was kindly sent the SoEco Rose Gold Blush Brush* which has quickly become a favourite over my usual Mac 129 Blush Brush. I love how soft the bristles are – not to mention the fact that the handle has rose gold accents and looks stunning next to all of my Zoeva brushes! It’s incredibly affordable as well, so I’m keen to have a look at the rest of the range from SoEco for some new face brushes. 

Speaking of blush, I’ve been reaching for my Hourglass Edit Palette a lot recently which I’ve spoken about to death. However, on days when I’m opting for quick and easy cream based makeup (let me know if you’d like a post on this!), the Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick in Moon Beach has been an absolute dream. The colour is fresh, dewy and light – it adds highlight to my skin as well so I don’t need to add any more. It also blends gorgeously over foundation and concealer without dragging product with it. Definitely a pricier option, but when it comes to Charlotte Tilbury, it’s usually worth it.

What have been your March favourites?


*gifted sample

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