The So…? Fragrance Body Mists

I’m sure lots of you have probably tried or remember So…? Fragrance from your teenage days, I know I used to carry a bottle of So…? Eternal in my gym bag around school! That’s why when I was contacted to try out the brand’s new launch of some body mists, I had a real blast from the past. However, this new line is totally different from what I remember the brand to be – the packaging is super fun, colourful and cute, with lightweight bottles and pretty patterns. The scent range is really wide, from Musk to Vanilla Milkshake, so there’s something for every mood and every taste.

If you watched my Instagram Stories a few weeks ago, you will have seen my first impressions of the So…? Body Mists* when I first opened up the package. There are twelve scents in the range which is quite a lot of choice for a body mist range: six scents are sold in Superdrug and six scents are sold in Boots. I’ve been trying these mists out over the past few weeks, so I thought I’d share a few thoughts on them in this post. 

They are definitely all very summery, with the packaging also aimed at warmer months when you’d be reaching for body mists for a quick burst of fragrance out and about in the sun. Of course, they are body mists, so the fragrance won’t last all that long… but there’s lots in the bottle to top up your fragrance throughout the day. I’ve tried four out of the range: 

Vanilla Milkshake: an incredibly sweet scent, with notes of sweet vanilla, peach and plum. 

Iced Melon: my favourite out of the ones I’ve tried – it’s also definitely the fruitiest, and those are the kinds of fragrances that I’m drawn to.

Floriental: a subtle, everyday fragrance which is light and floral. It’s perfect for a pick-me-up.

Musk: the deepest and strongest scent from the four, it’s definitely for those who prefer richer sandalwood scents.

Each bottle is said to have up to 600 sprays, and they are very light and easy to carry around in a handbag. They retail at £3.99 each which I think is incredibly affordable for the amount of product you get and the scent variety to choose from.  

Have you tried the So…? Body Mists?


*PR samples

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