Trying Out The Skinny Coffee Club

I’m not really one to try out diet fads. The diet industry in undoubtedly a huge one, and one that generates a lot of money, with lots of us eager to shed those few extra pounds. However, a few weeks ago I was contacted by Skinny Coffee Club* to try out their 28 Day Program and I was really intrigued. I’d never seen a ‘weight-loss’ program that involved drinking coffee, and seeing as it’s something I do every morning anyway, I agreed to give it a go. I wanted to write this post (before I begin) and one more (once the program is completed – if I make it there!). 

The idea is definitely more fun than other dieting programs I’ve seen in the past. It claims to help you look visibly thinner within one week, with increased energy levels and a radiant glow. The website is full of transformations from people being on this program, and apparently the brand is trusted by over 75,000 people to aid with their weight loss goals. All of this for a cup of magic coffee a day – sounds too good to be true!  

I was a little delayed to start my program as you need coffee filter paper which I didn’t have. It’s all loose coffee and I usually use about a teaspoon for a mug of coffee. My initial thoughts are that the coffee isn’t great, but then again, it’s not awful. If you’re drinking it for it’s purpose then it’s actually not too bad. I’m going to try it out for the month and see how I feel at the end of each week. If the difference is significant, I’ll probably write up a blog post, but otherwise I’ll keep you all updated on Instagram – you can follow me here.

I know this product is definitely a controversial one – lots of people are divided in what they believe when it comes to ‘diet plans’. However, I’m all for trying things out and giving everything a go – although I’m not overweight, I would love to lose a few pounds before the summer, and if this will help then I’m totally up for it!

 Have you tried the Skinny Coffee Club Program?


*PR sample

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