Two Treats From Nars

Around three years ago, I went through a bit of a makeup phase where pretty much everything I used or had in my collection was from NARS. They were the brand that did it all – gorgeous pigmented blushers which came in a variety of stunning shades, beautiful creamy highlighters and the perfect lip range. They are still one of my most favourite makeup brands to date (my NARS Sheer Glow and Creamy Concealer never stray too far). However, I’ve discovered my new obsession from the brand… their eyeshadows. 

I know I’m quite late to this party as NARS eyeshadows have been popular favourites for ages. I’ve never really been one to try single eyeshadows that much because I feel that many palettes have a whole selection of shades for a really cost-effective price. I usually opt for brands like Tarte or Lorac, but for some reason NARS never really made it on my list. That was until I saw the pigmentation and colour selection of these: the NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadows

The pigmentation and sparkle of these shadows is incredible, yet there’s hardly any fallout as you might expect with a sparkly shadow. I chose to get Himaliya, a beautiful gilded gold shade, and Dione, a stunning cool toned silver. You can apply them dry for a softer, shimmery wash of colour (which is still incredibly pigmented) – or you can apply them wet which instantly amps them up and intensifies the pigment for an even bolder look. 

The swatches are even more mesmerizing in real life, they have quite a unique texture and yet they’re super smooth to apply. The blend seamlessly and wear for a really long time – all things a great eyeshadow should do. The only complaint is the price. Each shadow is priced at £21, which is the same (or just under) the price point of many eyeshadow palettes where you’re offered much more choice for your money. But overall, if you are wiling to part with that much for an eyeshadow that really does the job well, this is definitely a good range to go for. Now I know that the formula is incredible, I’m tempted to try several other shades from the range – when my spending ban is up, of course! 

Have you tried these NARS eyeshadows?


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