The Makeup Revolution Renaissance Lipsticks.

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Lipsticks Review

Makeup Revolution have been the centre of so many controversial debates on whether or not they are taking ‘duping’ too far. In all honesty, I was just excited to see some pretty lipsticks for drugstore prices, so I didn’t think twice about picking up a couple to try. I ordered them both from Superdrug and they arrived really quickly (as with most order from there), so I thought I’d share my thoughts on them for today’s post. 

First up, I’m going to say straight off that it’s best to go and pick your shades in store for these. The website really doesn’t show the colours accurately at all. Although the shade names lined up, the colours I ordered looked totally different in real life than what I expected – and for this reason, I’m stuck with two shades that really don’t seem to compliment my skin tone and hair colour. 

That aside, these are some really pigmented lipsticks. They have an incredibly creamy formula which is borderline slippery, so you need to definitely pair these with a lipliner if you’re wearing them for long periods of time. They aren’t matte – in fact, they’re actually quite glossy, so you get a very full pout which I do consider to be a good thing. 

The first shade I chose was the Revolution Renaissance Lipstick in Awaken – this is a gorgeous peach shade with heavy orange undertones. It definitely does not work with my complexion (I have a light-medium skin tone with warm undertones), but for someone with cooler toned skin, I can see this looking really lovely. The second shade I picked up was the Revolution Renaissance Lipstick in Lifelong. This is a rich rose shade with terracotta undertones, again, a shade that would far better suit cooler skin tones than mine. 

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Lipsticks Review

Saying that, there are twenty shades to choose from. I think I managed to pick two that didn’t work for me, but I know I’ll be looking at the rest of the shades in person next time I’m in Superdrug. It really is an intensely pigmented lipstick that looks gorgeous and applies smoothly – and for the £4 price tag, it definitely does a good job competing with other drugstore lipstick brands out there. 

Have you tried these lipsticks?


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