Easy & Affordable Blog Prop Ideas.

I seriously believe that adding props to photography helps gives the photos some real personality. I’m always on the hunt for new pieces to purchase that reflect my style and taste, so that this comes across in my photographs. Adding photography to a post brings the words to life with visual appeal, and makes it a lot more enjoyable to read, so having a good selection of props really does help your blog in the long run. I’ve done this style of post before but it was a while ago and I’ve learnt so much more about blog photography since, so here are some of my more recent prop favourites:

Postcards/Note cards – I love using ones with foiled quotes or beautiful illustrations on the front, as the central focus of some of my photographs. I usually have loads laying around in my desk drawer because I love to write thank you notes, and they double up as blog props perfectly!

Trinket Dishes – these are available everywhere now, and they are gorgeous as dishes to hold products that you’re talking about in the blog post. I often find that the simpler the dish, the more the products in them stand out, so I have a couple of gold leaf shaped dishes which are plain but still beautiful. Some of my favourite places to look for these are H&M Home and Anthropologie.

Ribbon – I recently started adding ribbon to my photographs for some more colour and they work so well! They’re perfect as a way of spicing up a plain background, whilst also adding some texture and layers to the photograph. I usually just wrap a piece around my finger a few times and then let it go so it spirals into place and looks really delicate and beautiful alongside what I’m photographing. 

Coasters – these work similar to trinket dishes but I like using coasters as a stand for candles or mugs, again adding another layer and more texture to a photograph. I recently purchased this geode coaster from Anthropologie and it does the job perfectly. The best thing about it are the edges which have been painted gold – this shows up in the photographs and adds that extra special touch of metallic.

Books – this is a classic, but pretty coffee table books work as great ‘stages’ for presenting products. I often use this technique when I’m trying to show multiple products in one post that are all different heights and shapes, and it works really well. I usually stack up two or three to give some height and use this setup as the ‘stage’.  

Teacups/Saucers – I drink a lot of coffee and tea, so it makes sense for me to feature them in my photographs from time to time! I love my recent purchase from H&M Home – their mugs are beautiful for blog photography and they come with matching saucers for that extra special touch. I love pairing these with books and other stationery bits for a great ‘stock’ lifestyle post flatlay. 

Perfumes – fragrance often comes in such pretty bottles which makes them perfect as props for blog photography! I’ve been obsessed with my Jo Malone fragrances lately and their simple, minimal packaging gives a beautifully effortless vibe to any photograph.

So these are just some of my favourites.

Let me know if you’d like to see more posts like this with some more ideas!


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