Five Ways To Make The Most Of Sunday.

I spent most of this morning shooting blog photos, only to find that the photo editor that I use to edit them was down so I sat down to type up a few posts instead. It’s rare that I’m in this super productive mood on a Sunday – especially seeing as last week at this time I was groaning at my computer screen with a half finished dissertation in front of my face. However, seeing as I am in the mood to get some work done today, I thought I’d share some of my favourite ways to spend the day on a regular Sunday:

1. Get some reading time in.

I’m not super into fiction, but I love reading beauty and lifestyle books on the weekend. There’s something so therapeutic about stepping away from my phone and lounging with a good book with pretty photographs. I always find that I’m most inspired whenever I do this.

2. Wear comfy clothing.

A few weeks ago, I hauled this beautiful pink bralette and sweatshirt combo on my Insta stories knowing full well that I would wear them non-stop. That’s certainly been the case – I’ve loved cosying up and feeling the weekend vibes… and yes, those pieces are incredibly basic blogger. I love them and I couldn’t resist.

3. Go makeup-free.
I actually do this whenever I’m not leaving the house because my skin definitely needs a break from time to time. I find that Sunday is brilliant time to do this because I often do house chores or meal prepping throughout the day, and neither of those tasks require makeup!

4. Take care of yourself.
I might be doing chores throughout the afternoon but Sunday evenings are perfect me-time slots for a good bath, skincare pamper and mani/pedi. I love watching a little bit of Netflix alongside the pamper session and it’s the perfect end-of-the-week treat!

5. Plan your week ahead.
I know that thinking about Monday is probably the last thing you want to be doing on the weekend, but it definitely helps to take a few minutes out to plan your week. I keep a desk pad planner which has the days of the week laid out in columns – I just fill in the key goals, meetings, jobs that I have lined up so that everything for the week is mapped out. It also helps me stay prepared so I’m not feeling stressed or disorganized when Monday rolls around. 

How do you like to spend your Sundays?


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