My Blogging Routine.

I’ve been blogging for about a year and a half now and I’ve managed to establish a blogging routine and schedule that I’m really happy with. In this post, I want to share some of the ways I like to create my content, and the process that I follow to write and publish my posts.


It all starts with finding inspiration and there are so many places I like to look for this. There’s inspiration everywhere, but the key is to identify your niche and look for other sources within that niche. For instance, a food blog might find inspiration from recipe books or cooking shows. I’ve written a post which goes into finding inspiration in more detail, so I’ll I’ll link that here.


Once an idea comes to mind, the next step for me is planning. I like to grab a notebook and pen to write down a rough sketch of what the post will look like. This can include sketches of flatlays or photography styles that I’m thinking about shooting, or bullet points for the post which I can expand on later on. I also try and think of the title at this stage of the process.


Next I turn to photography. I always find that if I have a nice set of photographs to work with, I’m more easily able to navigate the direction that my writing takes. I like to have bright, well lit photographs with lots of props and a theme. I take a whole batch and then edit the best ones of the bunch, narrowing it down to only one or two photos which actually make it to the published post!


Then comes writing – I’ve been trying to improve my writing style over the past few months to become as chatty and personable as possible. I find that sometimes I accidentally slip into essay writing mode (because that’s often what I’ve been doing alongside blogging!), and that can be boring to read. I think the best blogs are when personality shines through the words, and this is exactly what I’ve been trying to achieve. I also try and stick to bullet points or short paragraphs broken up with photos, as that way it’s easy to read and more enjoyable than long blocks of text.


I then sort out the date I want to publish the post according to my blogging schedule. I also add any tags to images or labels to the post, preview it a few times, and when I’m happy, I hit the ‘schedule’ button. Then comes the wait for when it’s actually live and ready for you to read!


Once the post is up, I like to take the images and share them across social media. I usually post on Instagram immediately, as well as Pinterest. At some point throughout the day, I’ll schedule a tweet with a link to the post and an image or two from it. I also sometimes talk about it on Instagram stories to get as much exposure as possible – especially since the changes to Instagram. I love reading your comments and feedback on the posts and I try to reply to them all – it always makes me feel so happy when my content is read and enjoyed!

I hope this post helped give you an idea of my blogging routine!

I’d love to hear all about where you find your inspiration to blog – let me know in the comments!


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