July Goals.

I’ve had to schedule this post (and many other posts to come) well in advance, because by the time this is uploaded I will be on a complete emotional roller-coaster!
However, I’ve had a long hard think this weekend about my goals for July and here they are:

1. Take lots of photographs.

I want to capture as much as I can this month, more for my personal albums. I usually take photos to share on social platforms, but I never really take anything to print and put together in an album. That’s something I definitely want to do this month – create a book of beautiful memories to look back on.

2. Create more lifestyle-based content.
I feel like my blog has been very beauty orientated lately, and although I love that, I don’t want to neglect the other ideas I’ve been collecting in my blog journal! I have several projects that I want to get a head start on, including more homeware and food content ideas that have been sitting in my draft folders for a while.

3. Up my Instagram game.

I mentioned that I want to take more photographs earlier on – I also really want to post a lot of content on my Instagram and build a grid that I really love. My Instagram has been quite stagnant over the past few months and I’m finding it really hard to engage. I feel like posting more might help that, but because I’m a perfectionist, I don’t want to just post any old photographs. Hopefully the summer weather and busy days will give me inspiration for things to photograph and share!

4. Go homeware shopping.
This goal has me literally jumping in my seat! I’m really excited to work with a new space and transform it into something that feels like home. I have lots pinned on my Pinterest boards for inspiration, and I’ll definitely have some home related posts coming up throughout the year as projects come together. P.S. – you can follow me on Pinterest here! 

5. Get married!

It’s crazy even as I type it now, only days away from the big event. We’ve definitely gone big and beautiful for the wedding, and I know there will be a lot of attention that comes with it. I’m nervous – I’ve never been one to love being the centre of attention – but I know that it will be such a wonderful day. Things might get a little quiet on social media this week, but I have everything scheduled so that my blog isn’t neglected and I will tweet from time to time. Next time a post is uploaded here, I’ll be a Mrs!

What are your goals for July?
I’d love to know!


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