The 3INA UV Collection.

With the BBQs, festivals and holidays lined up over the next few months, lots of brands are launching fun and exciting new collections to sport through the summer! One brand that has done this (and is entirely new to me) is 3INA – they launched their UV collection last week and they’ve very kindly sent me a trio of products to try from the range.  The products have been designed to explore the duality of day and night, light and dark with UV activated pigments that appear completely unassuming during the day. I’m in love with the simple, minimalist packaging, with sleek matte black and bright white lines. It feels very modern but edgy at the same time, and fits the vibe of the collection very well.

The 3INA Fluoro Top Coat* is possibly my favourite from the range because it works beautifully as a glassy topcoat on top of any colour you already enjoy wearing. Under UV light, it transforms into the most beautiful electric blue which works perfectly throughout festival season from day-to-night. 

Another gorgeous product is the 3INA Fluoro Eye Pencil* which appears a smoky budge-proof black throughout the daytime but under UV light, it glows a stunning cobalt blue. It’s soft and creamy but when it’s on, it won’t smudge or spread throughout wearing.

If you’re feeling a little more daring, the 3INA Fluoro Cream Eyeshadow* offers three vivid colours to wear as bold shadows throughout the day and glowing neon at night. I was sent the pink shade which doubles up as a beautiful bright summer blush if you’re looking for a more natural way to wear it. It’s very blendable and works well with most bases, particularly over liquid products.

Overall, I think this is definitely one of the most daring collections I have tried. Thank you to 3INA for letting me play with such a beautiful collection to review for you all!

Have you tried anything from the 3INA UV Collection?


*PR samples

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