August Goals.

July has probably been the most manic month for me and I think August is going to be the same! There’s a lot going on (and it’s my birthday month), so I’m excited to share my goals for the next few weeks:

1. Find a new house.

Some of you might know that I’m moving again this autumn – all the way across Canada to the capital! Ottawa seems like a beautiful place to live and the first part of August is going to be spent searching for the perfect place to move into. When this post is uploaded, I’ll be there already on the house hunt so everything is ready for the official move later this year.

2. Try out some new beauty buys.
This one is an exciting one! I’ve ordered quite a few new bits recently (you might have seen some of them on Instagram) and I definitely want to try them all this month. There’s several bits from Zoella’s new beauty range, the ABH Modern Renaissance palette, some Glossier picks… so much goodness that I want to try and then review up on the blog for y’all. With Canada mail not being nearly as fast as what I’m used to in the UK, I’m having to wait a little longer for everything to be delivered but when they do arrive, I’ll be right on it.

3. Job hunting.

With the move comes a new career, and for me, it means totally launching myself into finding a job that works for me. I graduated last month and I’m now looking for a job in PR (how very blogger of me). I’m hoping that the move to Ottawa will help with this as it’s the capital and it should have some firms that have entry level positions into the field. The move isn’t until the autumn, but I want to look around and see what is out there so that I’m well prepared for when I am able to apply. 

4. Use the gym.
I’ve always wanted to be healthier and fitter but, like many, my motivation only lasts so long before crumbling into non-existence. I definitely want to make more of an effort this month in working out more and improving my fitness level. It’s quite appalling at the moment, especially after indulging all of July, so I think I’m ready to make a change.

5. Drink more water.

Ever since the lead up to the wedding I feel like I’ve been neglecting water. I’m so used to drinking it all the time and I actually really miss it! Now that I have my desk set up I can keep a large bottle on the side to remind me to keep drinking it as I work. Actually, let me take a sip now…

What are your goals for August?


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