Six On-Trend Beauty Staples.

There have been a handful of beauty essentials that I’ve been reaching for again and again over the past few months, and they’ve made themselves a very comfortable seat in my beauty routines! I was using them (as usual) yesterday, and it got me thinking of a new post idea – the ‘trendy’ beauty products that have quickly become staples for me. Here they are…

A sonic cleansing tool.

This has been more of a recent addition to my skincare routine, but I’ve been using mine so much since I ventured into the world of sonic cleansing! There are lots of options out there, but my favourites are the Magnitone Barefaced Cleansing Brush* for at-home use, and the Foreo Luna Play for travel cleansing. They really help keep my skin stay extra clean and allow the lotions and potions that I apply afterwards to sink in farrrr better than if I use my hands. I’ve written a more in-depth review of my cleansing routine here.

High quality makeup brushes.
My second essential has definitely been my set of Zoeva eye brushes. They’re super on trend because they’re rose gold, but when you buy the set, they become really affordable too – especially when you work out cost per brush! I love the different looks that I’m able to create with this set, they’re incredibly high quality and I know that they’ll last me a really long time. They look absolutely gorgeous too, which is always a nice bonus!

Cream blushers.
When summer rolls around, and it’s all lazy days in the sunshine, I like to keep my makeup as light as possible for fear of it sliding off anyway (not wasting any makeup for that, thank you sun). I still want to look put together and I’ve found that usually, cream products seem to be the best way to go for me. I’ve been loving the H&M Cream Blushers because not only are the super affordable, they’re also well pigmented and very easy to blend into the skin. I hate it when blushers look obvious and are impossible to blend, but I’ve never really had this problem when it comes to creamier formulas. Definitely a summer staple for me!

Budge-proof eyeliner.
Speaking of heat-proof makeup, a budge-proof eyeliner has always been a must in my makeup bag and recently I’ve been utterly obsessed with two. One is the Topshop Magic Liner – it’s really easy to apply and lasts all day in the heat without smudging. My second favourite is the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper – hands down the best liner I’ve ever used in my life. A little more expensive but so totally worth it. I’ve been through about six tubes.

The brown-toned lip liner.

Again, keeping with the natural tones, I love nude lips in the summer. There’s something so je ne sais quoi about a perfectly understated lip and Topshop Beestung does that for me. The formula is creamy, so you can wear it on its own if you want, but it’s just the most stunning sixties lip that reminds me of voluminous hair and cat-eyed sunglasses whenever I wear it.

Metallic manicures.
One of my absolute favourites this season. So trendy, and soooo pretty. Essie does it best with their new nail polish in S’il Vous Play. It’s the most stunning lavender foil with a stunning metallic finish that catches the sunlight and sparkles all day long. I can’t stop staring at my nails when I wear it and that’s a good sign for telling you that it’s the perfect shade.

What are your beauty staples?


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