Trying Out The Estee Edit.

I was browsing Sephora last week and when I came over to the Estee Lauder display, I noticed that a lot of the Estee Edit line was mark reduced. Of course, I was incredibly surprised as the entire range received really outstanding reviews on so many blog posts and in lots of YouTube videos when it first launched last year! There were still a few gorgeous pieces left on display and I heard that Sephora will continue to stock the line until late this year, so I thought I would buy a few pieces and review them anyway because they’re just so beautiful.

I actually found The Edgiest Kohl Smudgestick in Black Viper in my makeup collection from long ago. I just hadn’t had the chance to use it! However, for the purposes of this blog post, I finally cracked it open last week and I’ve been trying it out for the last few days to see how it wears. Honestly – I love it. It really doesn’t move (so you’re going to need an oil based makeup remover to take this one off), but it gives the smudgiest, sultriest black liner look that I’ve probably ever seen. I wish I could find a Sephora that stocked some more shades! 

The blushes are probably the prettiest products in the whole collection, with a super soft, blendable pigment that wears beautifully (and evenly) throughout the day. It’s sheer at first but very easily buildable. I chose the shades Purr Pink and Coy Coral, and they’re both stunning summer shades that will transition into Autumn with the simple switch of a lip colour. I’m in love! Definitely some of the best blushes I own in my ever expanding blusher drawer.

I also picked up two lipsticks – one from the ‘Barest’ collection, and one from the ‘Mattified’ collection. A lot of the lipsticks were out of stock but I found The Barest Lipcolour in Bare Beige which is definitely my kind of every-day lipstick. You don’t even need a mirror to apply these, they’re subtle and add a hint of shine and colour without being too obvious. I love that this shade is more of a honey-toned nude rather than the usual brown-based lipsticks I reach for more often (see below!). 

Speaking of brown-toned lipsticks, I managed to find my favourite shade from the entire Estee Edit lipstick line in the bottom drawer where no one looks! It’s The Mattified Lipstick in On Point, a reddish brown that is wearable but still statement as an everyday lip shade. I love how this looks with winged liner and lots of mascara, and I know this will be a top-shelf favourite throughout September when the leaves start changing colour.

From left to right: Barest Lip Colour in Bare Beige, Mattified Lipstick in On Point, Barest Blush in Coy Coral, Barest Blush in Purr Pink & Edgiest Kohl in Black Viper.

Have you tried anything from the line?
I highly recommend getting some of the collection whilst you can!


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