A Soft, Autumn Glow.

I love glowy skin all year round but I find that around this time of year, I tend to dial back my makeup and opt for brightening, glow-boosting products to keep my face looking fresh and youthful after being in the sun. I wanted to share some miracle cheek products which work together to give the most luminous, dewy glow for September:

For super natural days, I love using my new Glossier Haloscope in Moonstone. It’s a subtle, glossy sheen that works brilliantly on no-makeup days as well as over makeup. I apply some of this onto the high points of my face and blend it in with my fingers (it works best this way). It’s subtle and pretty – perfect for the girl who love a little complexion boost, but not too much.

On days when I want to put in a bit more effort, the perfect cheek combination is definitely my Hourglass Ambient Blush in Diffused Heat and the Cover FX Enhance Click Highlighter in Bubbly. All of the Hourglass blushes give the smoothest application and last so well throughout the day – I honestly want to own them all! Paired with the more champagne toned highlight, the colour just seems to pop in the most beautiful way. Definitely a go-to combination for me this month.

When I first tried Beauty Pie last year, I was incredibly impressed with the Triple Beauty Liquid Luminizer for a gorgeous overall glow. This works really well over primer and underneath foundation for a little healthy boost that takes your makeup base to the next level. It’s not sticky or greasy looking, and it’s probably the most natural-looking product that I’ve mentioned. A little goes a long way with this one – it still looks like the jar is really full and I’ve been using it for a while!

What are your favourite products for a soft, autumn glow?


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