October Goals.

These are a bit late to go up because I’ve spent most of this week unpacking, but here are my goals for this month!

1. Unpack and set up the new place.

This has already taken up a lot of the first week of this month as there is lots to sort out in the new space. I’ve been reassembling furniture, moving them around to try and make things feel as homely as possible. I can’t wait to share everything once it’s all set up!

2. Buy some new pieces as well.
We’ve already purchased a lovely new sofa, shelving and a cute little kitchen table set, but there’s still a couple of other pieces that I’ve got an eye out for. I’m desperately in search of the perfect new marble coffee table and a beautiful new dining set. A lovely velvet armchair would also be the perfect addition to the living space.

3. Get the kitchen & bathroom cabinets repainted.
One of the largest projects that we have (besides repainting the walls downstairs), is definitely freshening up the paint in the kitchen and family bathroom. We went to choose colours yesterday, and we’re hiring a painter to complete the work over the next couple of weeks. I want to be able to include more recipe posts on my blog too, so I’ve gone for an airy, dove grey in the kitchen. There are lots of cabinets so it’s definitely a larger project, but I know it’s one that will completely transform the space. 

4. Switch back to healthy eating and working out.

The past month has been pretty rough on my body as we’ve been travelling and on the road, so making healthy choices has been extremely difficult…and I failed most of the time. I want to take this month to get back on track with my eating and lose the few pounds that I managed to gain in September. I know it shouldn’t take too much, just a little bit of ‘normal life’ and a bit of exercise here and there should do it.

5. Take some time out to relax. 
I know I’m going to be exhausted after all of this month and taking some time out to relax is well overdue. I’m thinking a trip to Lush to buy some of their autumn launches and a long bubble bath with lots of candles… just thinking about it has me all ready for the month!

What are your goals for October?
I’d love to know!


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