Perfect Party Eyes.

From top to bottom: The Dolce Vita, The Golden Goddess, The Vintage Vamp.

This time of year is definitely one of my favourite times to spend a little extra time on my makeup and add some sparkle – and I’ve found my favourite palettes to do this! I wanted to spend a whole post talking about them because they make such lovely festive gifts, with some absolutely beautiful shades to choose from. In this post, I’m going to mention the three palettes that I own, why I chose them, and why they’re the best step to perfect party eyes. 

The Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Quads were actually my first dip into the brand, with the Dolce Vita palette I purchased two years ago. The colours are incredibly warm toned and beautiful so I found myself reaching for it a lot throughout the winter months. If you love a good cranberry shadow with some chocolate brown to smoke out the crease, this is the perfect palette for you!

More recently, I purchased two more of these gems – the Golden Goddess palette and the Vintage Vamp palette. I like to stick with warm tones, you can probably tell! The quality of these shadows are even across the board, with the sparkle shadow in each quad being the star of the show. It’s definitely the kind of palette that you can throw in your bag to intensify your eye look as the day goes on. 

There isn’t a single shade that wouldn’t work for the festive season, which means any of these would make the perfect companion throughout December! 

What are your lipstick favourites for this season?


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