Four Tips For Styling A Bedside Table.

Four Tips For Styling A Bedside Table.

I wanted to branch out into creating more interiors content, and the response from Instagram was extremely positive – so here it goes! It will probably take me a while to find my style, but I thought I’d start with one of my favourite mini projects – styling my bedside table. I’ve tried to write up this post in a way that shares my top tips for creating a warm and inviting bedside space, while also showing you how I’ve made my bedside table a part of the bedroom that I love:

Switch up the handles.

A small change like changing the handles can really uplift a piece of furniture as well as adding your own unique spin to it! Anthropologie and Homesense offer a great selection, and they’re are incredibly quick to install. As we went for something relatively affordable table wise (as much as I love the range available in West Elm, it was definitely out of my price range!), it was important to me that I invest in pretty accessories to add a little more elegance. I found the handles a little boring so I switched them to these gorgeous gold glass knobs, and it immediately transformed the whole look!

A Statement Lamp.

Especially when the bedside itself isn’t a bold piece of furniture, I think the choice of lamp can really make a statement and change the whole setting. To tie the tabletop with the handles, I chose brass accents like this beautiful Kate Spade lamp, which has a blush pink and gold base, and a fresh white lampshade. It adds a very clean look to the table, whilst also being really striking on its own.


Books, books, books.

I love to read lots of lifestyle books, and I find it’s the perfect way to unwind before bed, so I keep a couple on my bedside for easy access. I do find that they always look the part too, and can work as great platforms for little trinkets or other accessories you like to keep by your side. Here, I’ve kept a couple of hardbacks stacked on top of each other and used them to display a few beauty bits. A pretty fragrance bottle, some pillow spray, a lip balm and some hand cream are a few of my favourite things to keep next to me to ensure all of my beauty regimes are complete before I fall asleep.

It’s all in the details.

Although I have certain essentials that I keep on hand no matter what, I love adding splashes of colour to make everything a little more interesting. These orange tassel earrings inject some fun into the space, as well as a little more personality. The tortoiseshell hair clip is another way to add more colour, although it’s definitely practical too – especially when I want my hair out of the way as I read! Saying that, there’s a fine line between too little and too much – I would definitely advise that you find a balance that works for you. I like to keep the front space of my bedside clear so that there’s room for my phone to charge while I sleep, because I’ll need it as my alarm in the morning!

What are your favourite tips for styling your bedside table?


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