March Goals.

March Goals.


It’s been a while! I took a little break off my blog and social media as the past few weeks have been a little tough and I definitely needed some time off. However, with the start of a new month, it’s time to hit the ground running and get back to blogging. Here are some of my goals for March:

1. Enjoy the little things.

The quote on my desk calendar got me thinking… I really want to start taking more notice of the small things and enjoying those more. Reading on a Sunday afternoon, having a delicious brunch, a warm bubble bath – they’re all things that I’d like to do more of and appreciate. Big events are always fun to look forward to, but (while trying not to sound cliche), I do want to be able to find fun in the things we often overlook too!

2. Find some new furniture pieces.

Now that I’m back in Ottawa for a while, I’m looking for some new furniture pieces to fill up the spaces and make the house more homely. This is super fun, but also quite difficult as I’m still trying to find places that sell pieces that are more my style. I desperately want to find some light wood or herringbone mid-century modern pieces, and a little bit of marble will always be timeless and elegant.

3. Look for some good vinyls.

I recently purchased a record player for myself as I love listening to music whilst I work from home. I have a handful of wonderful albums but I definitely want to build up my collection so I’m on the hunt for some recommendations. If you have any favourites, please mention them in the comments, I’d love to know what albums you all like! Lana Del Rey is a favourite of mine, and I have my eye on Zella Day’s vinyl album too.

4. Face masks each week.

I want to take better care of my skin this month as I feel like it needs some TLC. I have lots of gorgeous new skincare products to try, so I’m going to switch up my routine and try and incorporate some more nourishing masks and serums into the mix. If you’d like to see a post with an updated skincare routine then let me know – I’d be happy to write one up once I’ve made some changes!


What are your goals for March?


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