Some New Season Finds.

Some New Season Finds.

Red and pink are a combination that I’m loving right now – the clash is just so girly and gorgeous! I’ve picked up a couple of pieces that fit this colour scheme including this striped jumper number and these two laid back tees. The jumper is wool blend so it’s more for the transitional period when it’s still a little chilly outside, but isn’t it just so cute?! I loved it so much that I bought it in grey too, and I can style that one for when autumn rolls around as well!

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect floral trousers– and I found the most flattering pair in Forever 21! It’s my first time purchasing from F21 so I was unsure how the quality and cut would be, but I absolutely love them. I’m going to head back online to see if I can find any more colours and patterns as these are going to be such a gorgeous summer staple! I also chose these monochrome striped mules from their website and again, the quality and design is gorgeous for the price – I know these are a bit of a marmite purchase, but I adore them and because they’re neutral, they can be styled with so many outfits.

Speaking of flats, I’m having a bit of a moment with mules at the moment. I saw a velvet mustard pair in Mango a few weeks back and I had to buy them immediately. I love how mustard has become such a key colour for this season and I’m so excited to wear more of it as I find the right pieces that I love. I believe the exact pair I bought are now out of stock, but here are a similar pair.

I’ve found a couple of bags that I can’t wait to wear this season – of course the classic bamboo arc bag is one that I’ve been lusting after for ages but I didn’t want to spend a small fortune on a trend piece. I found one on Amazon that looks and feels incredibly similar so I’m excited to pair it with some outfits this year! Hopping back on the blush pink theme, I immediately fell in love with the blush pink and gold combination on this pebbled flap bag. The hardware and detail on this one is stunning, and it’s such a lovely size to carry around without being too cumbersome. It’s definitely more of a chic option, and it has a very timeless feel to it!

What new pieces have you been eyeing up for this season?

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