Creating Our Gallery Wall.

Creating Our Gallery Wall.

I’ve wanted to create gallery wall ever since I first viewed our house last August, and it’s taken a while to choose the right prints and get everything together! I was lucky enough to get to work with Desenio* or this new interiors venture, so I had a good browse of their website and chose some of my favourite prints and illustrations to create a statement feature for our living room. I love the Desenio website for finding inspiration because they have all sorts of templates and designs so that you can find the right layout depending on the size of the wall that you’re working with. I created a couple of features around the house, and I’m sharing the one in my living room today. I wasn’t actually sure how I wanted to format this post, so I’ve kept it more in line with my own experiences whilst working on this project. However, if you’d like to read a ‘top tips’ style post, I’d be happy to write one up as well – let me know in the comments!

One of the reasons I decided to wait a while before embarking on this project, was to make sure I was happy with the furniture choices in the room first. As we only moved into the house late last year, we were building each space from scratch, so I wanted to find furniture that worked with each room. After I had found a few pieces, I knew the colours and textures I needed to look for in order to create a matching gallery wall. That way, the prints I chose would compliment the space – for instance, the living room has splashes of blush pink in the form of an armchair and the sofa cushions. That meant that when I was picking out the prints for the wall above the sofa, I wanted to incorporate a little pink to really tie the look together. I ended up choosing the ‘Pink Clouds’ print which worked really well with the shades of pink I had in the room already.

gallery wall 5

As I wanted the wall to appear quite busy with art, I needed to choose some neutral prints too. I stuck with black and white, so as not to draw away from the pink too much. For the statement piece, I went for something totally different. The minute I saw the ‘Sea Foam’ print, I knew it had to be on the wall – I chose one of the larger sizes and made it the boldest feature of the wall. It contrasts well with the pink and neutral prints that surround it, and it’s so beautiful to look at!

I think that when it comes to creating a gallery wall, things can get a little overwhelming. There’s a lot of choice out there, and trying to picture how it will all look when it comes together is tricky. I should mention that this project definitely didn’t happen overnight – it took a few scribbled diagrams, rough sketches, countless trips to IKEA, plenty of umming and erring… you get the idea. Although it’s a wonderful project and I thoroughly recommend trying to create one for your space, it takes quite a bit of patience. My advice would be to really know your space and taste – this is something that will definitely appear as a statement in your home, so you want it to reflect your style perfectly.

I had a lot of fun choosing all the prints and watching it come together so I highly recommend trying it for yourself – I actually have a discount code for you to use: the code ‘AMBAR’ gives 25% off posters between June 5th and June 7th (except for frames and handpicked/collaboration posters). 

I’d love to know your thoughts on how you think it turned out!

* this post contains products gifted by Desenio. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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