An Unexpected Blush Favourite.

An Unexpected Blush Favourite.

I honestly never thought that the day would come wear I reached for a cream blusher.  I’ve always loved the idea of them – the ease of application, the natural look, the healthy glow… but when I was struggling with acne, I just felt like cream blushes weren’t even an option for me. Every time I tried to use one, I found that my carefully applied concealer would budge and somehow the spots appeared even more angry when anything remotely coloured and creamy went near them. Of course, the last thing I wanted was to draw attention to the area, so I generally settled for a light powder blush that I could sweep on and I was good to go.

I still suffer from spots now again, and some times of the month are worse than others. It’s the usual mix of good and bad skin days that I think everyone goes through – but it’s a lot better than it was. This meant that when I finally tried to venture out into the world of cream blush again, I was swept off my feet. I actually purchased a Bobbi Brown set with a few travel sized goodies to have in my makeup bag for when I flew back to London last month. Inside was a mini Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks in Pale Pink. The colour looked absolutely beautiful for summer so I thought I’d give it a whirl – after all, if it didn’t work on my skin I could just hand it over to my sister to try because, lucky for her, her skin is beyond flawless.

I used my fingers to apply a little onto the apples of my cheeks and carefully blended it out – I was completely blown away by how radiant and healthy my skin looked, and yet it appeared incredibly natural. It was as if I had gone for a run and had that gorgeous post-workout flush, and honestly I couldn’t get enough. I was actually lucky enough to receive a few treats from Bobbi Brown to try over the summer and I was incredibly excited when the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Calypso Coral* arrived in among the package. I’ve been switching between the two and honestly – I want them all.


There are about six or seven shades to choose from and each are incredibly beautiful. I’ve been wearing these two non stop for the past month, and I know I’ll be sticking by them for a while. I love how quick they are to apply and I’m all about a natural glow so I’m so happy I finally discovered this formula. If you love a good cream blush – or you’re looking for the perfect flush of colour this summer – definitely take a look at these. They’re such a dream!

Have you tried the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge?

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