Backstage Beauty From Dior.

Backstage Beauty From Dior.

So the Sephora Appreciation sale happened… and of course I picked up a couple of things – I was very select about what I wanted though, so things didn’t get too out of hand! I knew the collection that I thought was worth trying out, and so I chose a couple of my favourites from the range and stuck with those. Saying that, it still ended up being a pricey order because it was none other than a few bits from Dior Backstage.

Dior Backstage Foundation.

I’ve been really into the whole no-makeup-makeup thing this year, so I went for a couple of products for a fresh-faced base – the foundation and a face palette. The Dior Backstage Foundation comes in forty different shades, so you’re almost definitely going to find a match. I did place my order online though so I had to use the shade match table and I think it was a little darker than the shade I needed. Of course, Sephora are great with this kind of thing and were happy to exchange it for my actual shade in store. It comes in a very simple, squeeze top bottle, designed for the backstage makeup artists that need to apply makeup quickly and effortlessly – and now we can use it too. It’s very beautiful, a perfect, sleek addition to your makeup bag.

dior backstage foundation.png

The second product I picked up from the collection was the Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette. I’m all about a lot of glow, especially throughout autumn. There’s something so beautiful about fresh-faced, minimal makeup and that’s something that you can definitely achieve with just this palette alone. The colours are designed to work seamlessly with each other for some seriously radiant skin. The finish is pearlescent, not chunky or glittery, and it applies very smoothly on the skin. I love how the shades themselves are varied, with both warmer and cooler tones to complement all kinds of looks. I know I’ll be reaching for this a lot for the rest of this year, because it’s the perfect palette to create a gorgeously natural glow.

dior backstage glow palette.png

Have you tried anything from the Dior Backstage collection?

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