September Goals.


This post is a little late as we’re already a few days into the new month but it’s been quite a hectic start for me! I hope you all enjoyed last weekend – for Canadians, it was a long one as it was Labour Day yesterday, so that was such a lovely way to start September. I had a great time re-watching episodes of Friends, cooking up a delicious roast on Sunday and enjoying endless cups of tea as the weather cooled down. It’s beginning to feel like Autumn and I’m definitely not complaining…

1. Practice some new healthy recipes.

This is a bit of an odd goal but August was such a creative month for me in terms of cooking. I loved spending a bit more time in the kitchen and experimenting with some new dishes so I want to carry that through into September. I’ve never really been one to enjoy cooking but I recently picked up a couple of new cookbooks that I’ve dipped into, and I love how easy some of the recipes are. I might even dabble with a couple of recipe posts later this year if I’m feeling brave!

2. Plan out my content for this month.

I’ve been trying my best to get back into blogging over August, and I think I did quite well considering I got stuck in a bit of a rut earlier this year. I want to spend a morning dedicated to thinking up new content ideas and planning out a schedule for what I’d like to upload over the next few weeks – any suggestions are welcome! I know interiors content is definitely some of the most popular content on this blog so if you have anything you’d like to see, make sure you let me know in the comments.

3. Set up my new dressing table.

I recently saw a picture on Kate‘s Instagram that finally pushed me towards making my very first West Elm furniture investment! Her apartment is full of beautiful pieces from the brand, but if you’ve visited any West Elm store, or had a quick browse online, it’s no secret that it’s definitely on the more ‘investment’ side when it comes to price. I started off small, with the Mid Century Mini Desk in Oregano. I wanted a new dressing table ever since I moved into this house, and I always loved how Kate set her own. It’s such a gorgeous table, and it was incredibly easy to put together. I know it will be loved for years to come, so it really was worth it. All that’s left is finding a lovely brass mirror and chair and I’ll be ready to take a few snaps and share the setup on here.

And that’s pretty much it! This month is (hopefully) going to be quite relaxed for me, with no travelling or big plans as such… I’m very much looking forward to it!

What are your September goals?

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