Recently, I was invited to attend the opening of the Ottawa Skin Clinic, to see their new location and some of the gorgeous Skinceuticals products used for the many treatments they offer. I wasn’t actually able to attend the event, but I was kindly sent some a couple of products to try out, and I was so impressed (particularly by one of that I haven’t stopped using since), that I wanted to write up a quick post sharing my thoughts. To give you an idea of my skin type – I have quite dry, dehydrated skin that is prone to blemishes and is still healing after years of acne scars. I love good skincare, and I follow a very hydrating skincare routine both morning and night, but the process is long, and healing the scars is something I know won’t happen overnight.

I’m going to start with the product that I’m most impressed by – I’ve been using the SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Gel* in order to help minimise the appearance of these scars. Although it doesn’t treat the scars, it diminishes the redness on my cheeks and gives my skin an instant clarity that I absolutely love. I apply a few drops of this every morning underneath my moisturiser, because it works even better on morning skin. The formula isn’t really very ‘gel’ like, despite it being called a calming gel – it’s more of a runny liquid that can be a bit tricky to apply as it’s quite watery in consistency. I usually pour a few drops onto my palm and apply it with my fingers. As the name would suggest, the product is green, and it doesn’t smell the best (quite plant-y and botanical) – but honestly, the results are worth it for me. I’m already nearly half way down, and I know I can’t be without it in my routine.

The second product that I’ve been dabbling with recently is the SkinCeuticals Daily Moisture Lightweight Pore Minimizing Mouturiser*. This is quite lightweight for such a heavy duty moisturiser, but I think that stand out factor for me is the fact that it works really well as a primer. I’ve found that I don’t actually need a primer when I use this particular product because it has priming properties in it’s own formula. My pores appear minimised and slightly mattified. As it’s not a thick, creamy texture when applied, it sinks right in without leaving any residue, making it a great moisturising base to work with. I tend to reach for this on days where I’m not sticking to a full makeup routine and opting for just concealer and mascara instead. The concealer stays put and doesn’t crease, and my skin stays nice and hydrated throughout the day – perfect!

Have you tried SkinCeuticals?
If so, what are your favourite products from the line?

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