My Jo Malone London Cologne Collection.

My Jo Malone London Cologne Collection.

This is probably one of my most requested blog posts of all time (alongside one for my Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick collection which I have planned for some point in the near future), I thought I’d put together a post full of the dreamiest colognes of all time… and by that I mean the ones I own from Jo Malone London. I thought about doing an entire perfume collection, but that would be an incredibly long post and one that could get a little waffly, so I thought it would be better to break it into two posts – one with my JM collection, and one with all my other perfumes that I love to wear on a regular basis.

I am actually missing a couple of fragrances which are still in England, and I’ve yet to bring them across, but the majority of them are in this post – alongside my thoughts, when in the year I like to wear them and what notes feature in each scent.

Summer Fragrances

English Pear & Freesia

So jumping right into it with one of my absolute all-time favourites (and actually my first purchase from the brand), English Pear & Freesia is an incredibly crisp and juicy scent that I break out at some point in April and wear right the way through until September. I’m actually running low on this one so I’ll need a top up soon and I’m leaning towards the larger size because I wear it so much! It’s very fruity and one of the best scents for Spring/Summer so if you’re new to Jo Malone, I’d actually recommend this one as the perfect introduction to the brand. I love this scent so much that I actually purchased the matching hand wash and body lotion so that I can always smell it – it’s such an uplifting fragrance that never fails to cheer me up.


Another fruity scent, but this one I find is definitely more summery in my mind. Mine is a little battered from being tossed around in my travel bag but I love it nonetheless, it’s an incredibly zesty fragrance that I like to take with me on holiday. There’s a minty note to it and it’s not as sweet as you’d think by the name. I think it’s a very well rounded scent, with a lot of different notes blended together creating the dreamiest result.


Winter Fragrances

Pomegranate Noir

Moving on to winter scents, this one is definitely top of my list! I remember the hype around this scent a few years back when it first came out and I do love it just as much as so many others did – but I don’t think this is for everyone. My husband really doesn’t like this scent on me because it’s such a strong and powerful fragrance. As the name suggests, there’s a dark, muskiness at the heart of the fragrance that lingers all day long. The notes are quite pepper-y and rich, so if you prefer lighter scents then I’d opt for something different. However, if you love all things daring and dark, you’ll fall head over heels for this one.

Mimosa & Cardamom

I adore this scent. It’s the perfect autumnal October fragrance that layers beautifully with both floral and spicier scents. There’s notes of tonka, sandalwood and Damask rose – it’s such a dreamy blend that I find perfect for this time of year. I love Peony & Blush Suede (which I talk about below), and if you love that fragrance, you’ll most certainly love this one too. Think sweet and spicy and woody… I’m not the best at describing fragrances but there are so many elements to this scent which makes it absolutely gorgeous!


All Year Round

Peony & Blush Suede

This one has a special place in my heart because it was my wedding day fragrance, and the scent reminds me of that whole period of my life. I’m nearly out and this one is definitely next on my must-purchase fragrance list, it’s one of my all-time favourite scents of all time. It’s very floral, so if that’s not your thing, you might not like this one, but the scent itself is light and sensual. I’d call it a grown-up scent, but one that makes you feel classy and elegant. I recognize it as soon as I smell it on others, but it’s unique on everyone, as with most fragrances.

Basil & Neroli

This one is the most recent addition to my collection, and it’s probably one of the most individual scents that I’ve ever come across. The combination is so diverse – it’s both floral and musky, which makes it the perfect all-year-round kind of scent. I like to layer this with a lot of the other fragrances because it’s made up of notes that compliment the fruitier scents so well. It can shift and become summery or spicy, depending on which fragrance you choose to layer it with.


I’m sitting here surrounded by little cards that I’ve cut up and sprayed a little of each fragrance on, so I can describe them as best as I can, and they’ve all layered up to the dreamiest concoction! My entire office smells like a Jo Malone counter, and I have no regrets… but seriously, if you’re looking for a new fragrance, I highly recommend visiting a counter and having a look. The staff are always incredibly friendly and the brand offers something for everyone so you’re bound to find something that you love and will reach for time and time again.

What are your favourites from Jo Malone?

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