New From Charlotte Tilbury.

New From Charlotte Tilbury.

It’s no secret that Charlotte Tilbury is a favourite among the beauty blogging world, and of course, I absolutely adore both her and her brand too. I’m sure you’ve all seen the many incredible launches that she has released this year… and particularly these past few months! I was beyond excited when a gorgeously wrapped box of CT goodies landed on my doorstep last week, and I immediately had to start swatching and playing with all the makeup (insert heart eye emoji right here). I’ve since been wearing the makeup on a daily basis to test how well the products wear throughout the day, the ease of application and how they appear on my skin. I thought the best way to review everything was to collect it all in one post and share it all as my go-to makeup from this week.

Hold up – I’ve found my new holy grail concealer! The new Magic Away Concealer* has been receiving a lot of wonderful reviews ever since it was released a couple of months ago, and I totally get why. It reminds me of my favourite Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer quite a bit, only it’s thinner in texture and might even be a little bit better. It glides onto the skin, and melts into place leaving a very thin veil over any blemishes to give the perfect coverage. The only worry I have is the method of application is with a twist and click sponge tip which isn’t always my preferred way of applying concealer – I’ve noticed it can get a little gunky in the lid and it needs to be kept super clean to avoid the build up of bacteria.

I’ve heard that there have been mixed feelings towards the Complexion Genius Powder*, but I’m honestly not sure why. I like to use a little to set the concealer underneath my eyes and dust a little to blot out some excess shine on my forehead and it mattifies without settling into lines or caking my foundation. It reminds me a lot of the Laura Mercier powder, but with more of a glow and a soft sheen once applied to the skin. The applicator is lovely too – it has a sieve on one side to help control the amount of product that leaves the case, and when applied with a medium tapered brush, I find it works really well at providing a little extra coverage where you need it!

Perhaps the root of all the excitement was the new Pillow Talk Eyeshadow Quad* – I know I was most excited about this palette because the quality of Charlotte Tilbury shadows is second to none. I own three quads (excluding this one), and all of them are my most used eyeshadows because they’re just so easy to use. Everything is already laid out, and it’s as if Charlotte is guiding you through your makeup herself. I always recommend these to eyeshadow newbies, because the colours are beautifully but not too daring unless you want them to be. It’s a premium quad, where every shade will be used – they are incredibly blendable and work seamlessly to create gorgeous eye looks. As expected, the Pillow Talk quad is no different – the shades are beautifully rosy and beautiful on literally any skin tone, and the colours are unique yet neutral. If you were to choose one item from the whole collection, I’d suggest it be this palette.

I was absolutely gutted when the opened the packaging to the new Pillow Talk Blusher* because it sadly arrived smashed to pieces – however, I tried my best to fix it with a little rubbing alcohol and I’ve been testing it out all week. I know that it doesn’t allow for the iconic CT ‘swish and pop’ method of applying her blushes, but the shade is still absolutely beautiful nonetheless and I’m so happy to have it as part of my blush collection this season.

The Pillow Talk Lip Cheat* is what started the whole Pillow Talk craze, and it’s still my most used lipliner to date. The shade itself compliments most nudes that I’ve used and the formula is waxy without being stiff. I’d call this more of an investment liner, because it will go with a lot of lipsticks, it’ll help improve their longevity and bring out their colour.

I’ve raved about the Pillow Talk Matte Lipstick* enough on my blog, but I still wear it at least once a week. It’s such a universally flattering shade that I think everyone needs in their collection. The formula of all of Charlotte Tilbury’s matte lipsticks is incredibly comfortable to wear, and matte without being drying or cracking throughout the day. Using this lipstick really polishes this whole look perfectly, and I always reach for this when using the rest of the Pillow Talk collection because it ties in so well.

Have you tried any of the new Charlotte Tilbury launches?

What are your favourites from the collection?

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