The Deep Hydration Duo.

The Deep Hydration Duo.

With the first days of autumn finally approaching, I’ve started thinking about transitioning my skincare and finding the right products to see me through the cooler months. My skin gets very dry even throughout the warmer seasons, so when autumn/winter roll around, I’m looking for all the hydration that I can possibly get. I’m talking masks, serums and heavier moisturisers to keep my skin looking and feeling as plump and nourished as possible!

The Lierac Hydragenist range is one I’m so glad I found – I’ve recently been trying out the Hydragenist Serum* and the Hydragenist Moisturising Cream*, and using them both as part of my night time skincare routine. Lierac is a brand born in Paris, the home of so many wonderful skincare brands and people with wonderful skin, so of course I was incredibly excited to try out these two and see if they helped improve the texture and tone of my complexion whilst keeping everything super moisturised.

I’ve been using the pair together on days where it’s super chilly and my skin is demanding the extra moisture. Both the serum and the moisturiser are incredibly thick and heavy so I’d recommend using them as nighttime treatments if you like to wear makeup during the day. A little goes a long way, but the results are absolutely incredible… I wake up with the most plump and dewy looking skin in the morning!


If you’re on the hunt for something hydrating, but you don’t need hydration overload, you can opt for one or the other and pair it with other skincare that you enjoy. I love using the serum underneath other moisturisers that are a little lighter on days when my skin doesn’t need to much attention. Of course, these aren’t the most affordable skincare options, but they are some of the most gorgeous products in my bathroom. The packaging totally steals the show in their pretty pink glory, and the products themselves feel so luxe when applied. As you only need a small amount for each use, both the serum and moisturiser will last a long time, and would make the perfect bathroom duo throughout the winter months.

Have you tried anything from Lierac?

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