The Perfect Autumnal Glow.

The Perfect Autumnal Glow.

I posted this image up on my Instagram a few days ago and it received so much support so I thought I’d talk about it a little more in the form of a blog post! I’ve been loving the autumnal chill and bringing out the jumpers again, so I’ve switched up my makeup routine a little bit from the summer months. I like minimal makeup, but today I thought I’d focus on the products I’ve been using to get a gorgeous autumnal glow for the past few weeks. This year has been all about keeping things natural for me – I’ve stepped back from full coverage foundations (for the most part), and instead I’ve fallen in love with the feeling of tinted moisturisers and lighter foundations. My skin has been much better ever since I finished my course of Accutane last year, and I’m so grateful for that because it means my makeup takes half the time to complete than it used to!

I’ve always found that well-prepped skin is the key to a good makeup day – so I like to apply a moisturiser before beginning my makeup routine. The Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream* has been perfect for this job because it’s nice and thick, immediately hydrating and leaving that plump-skin feeling that looks so good underneath makeup! The cream sinks in really quickly without leaving any residue or that greasy feeling that some heavier moisturisers sometimes do. This means that there’s absolutely no wait time and I can immediately move onto primer.

Keeping with the Charlotte Tilbury theme, the Wonder Glow* primer has been my go-to this month, for that subtle luminescence to the skin without appearing shiny. Again, it melts right into the skin and has a gorgeous blurring effect which seems to minimise the appearance of my pores and add a ‘soft-focus’ like effect to my skin. I’ve found that opting for a primer like this one works extremely well under lighter coverage foundations because it lightens the load of work that I want my foundation to do, meaning I can often go for something like a tinted moisturiser without worry. I definitely get why this is such a cult product – I know I can’t seem to be without it every since I first tried it out this summer!

When it comes to foundation, I’ve switched out my regular BareMinerals Complexion Rescue for the Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser. This formula has a bit more coverage and I use it in a shade darker than my skin tone to add a little bit more colour to my complexion now that the summer sun isn’t around! I really enjoy the consistency of this moisturiser because it’s not too liquid, so it gives the feel of applying foundation but without the weight of one on your face. The only thing I would grumble about would be how marked the packaging gets, especially on the go in your makeup bag – I’ve ended up with foundation marks all over the black packaging that don’t seem to come off that easily, but the product itself is a dream.

For underneath my eyes, I’ve been reaching for my trusty Nars Soft Matte Concealer, because NARS seriously get it right when it comes to the perfect base makeup. If you’ve been a long time reader of my blog, you’ll know how much I love the Sheer Glow Foundation and the Radiant Creamy Concealer, so of course I had to purchase this little tub when it came out last year. It’s a great one for underneath the eyes and adding a little matte coverage to areas that you don’t want to draw too much attention too. As much as I love a radiant, glowy look – I don’t particularly want any shine on blemishes or beneath my eyes, so a little of this concealer is perfectly for mattifying those areas without being too drying or creasing throughout the day.

The last product I’ve been using to add a little extra radiance is the Bobbi Brown Highlighter in Moon Glow. Isn’t this one of the dreamiest looking champagne highlighters that you’ve ever seen?! I like to apply it with the Zoeva Fan Brush and it just melts into my makeup without leaving a powdery finish – it’s not too glitzy, and it’s not too subtle either. I know I’ll be reaching for this one a lot, even throughout (dare I say it!) the festive season, because it’s gives such a beautiful ‘holiday’ glow.

What are your favourite autumnal beauty products?

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