Three Products For Thicker, Healthier Hair.

Three Products For Thicker, Healthier Hair.

I was so excited when this little parcel was delivered a while back and I had to put it to the test right away! I had no idea that Vichy offered haircare as part of their product range, so this entire package came as a complete surprise. I was most excited by the claims on the box – all three products are supposed to work in conjunction with each other to recover hair mass and give you thicker, healthier locks instantly. The products themselves are reasonably priced, and there’s a lot in each bottle so they’d probably last a good while depending on how frequently you wash your hair. I’ve used the three-step routine several times now, and I’m so impressed by the results that I had to share!

The first step is to use the Vichy Densi-Solutions Thickening Shampoo*, squeeze a good amount into your hands and lather the product by massaging your scalp so that product can work it’s magic. I did find all three of the products to tingle a bit throughout using them but this was in no way unpleasant, if anything, it just reassured me that the product was working. I let the shampoo sit for about a minute before rinsing it all out thoroughly and moving onto the next step of the routine.

There isn’t really a conditioner in this range – instead the Vichy Densi-Solutions Restoring Thickening Balm* doubles up as a conditioner and hair treatment in one. It’s very nourishing – I could immediately tell by squeezing it onto my palm that it would nourish and hydrate my hair without making it feel greasy. I ran the product from scalp to root, combing it a little with my fingers so that it was evenly distributed. Again, I left it for about a minute before rinsing it all out thoroughly. This balm was definitely the stand-out product for me because it was after this rinse that my hair felt noticeably different. For want of a better word, the texture of my hair felt denser, thicker and healthier – and this only became more apparently when I gave it a rough blow dry. I’m not sure exactly what the balm did, but it also smoothed everything down – usually my hair is incredibly frizzy after drying, but not this time!

Before blow-drying, I did section off each part of my hair and spritz a little of the Vichy Densi-Solutions Hair Densifying Concentrate* as the final step of this routine. This is the product that will finish the fastest because you’re supposed to refresh your hair on a regular basis. I’ve only washed my hair about three times and I’ve already used a good amount of the concentrate. Again, I felt the same light tingle as I did with the shampoo, but nothing excessive and it felt like it was working. Honestly, so far I’m very impressed with this range and I’m excited to keep using it and seeing results. My hair is extremely fine and quite dry in texture, so although I wasn’t expecting a miracle, what I did experience with this range was a large improvement. I’m sure the results will only improve with consistent use so I’ll keep you all updated with how I’m getting on down the line.

Have you tried the new Vichy Densi-Solutions line?

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