Long Haul Flight Essentials.

Long Haul Flight Essentials.

So, with my trip to England just around the corner, I’ve been packing and getting ready for the long haul flight that awaits! I’m always so excited to travel, especially when it means going back to visit my family and friends in London. I always tend to create some sort of travel related content around the holiday season, so this year I wanted to talk about a few essentials that I like to take with me on the flight for a comfortable flying experience.

One of the worst things about flying for me, is the need for constant hydration – whether it’s internally or externally. I’m always drinking lots of water and applying hydrating products to stop my (already super dry) skin from cracking. I keep my trusty Chanel Hydra Beauty lip balm on hand because it’s so thick, it feels like a lip mask when I apply it. This helps prevent my lips from becoming chapped, especially if I decide to nap on the way. I also slather on lots of hand cream every couple of hours to stop my hands from peeling – my favourite one of the moment is the & Other Stories Miami Muse hand cream because it sinks right in and smells absolutely divine!

My face definitely needs the most attention when it comes to staying hydrated! I always take a mask on board, and this time I’m packing of my I Woke Up Like This sheet masks* for a quick and easy way to brighten and moisturise my skin without having to run for the bathroom on board to wash anything off! I’ll follow up a good serum like the I Woke Up Like This Hydra Concentrate Serum* or Glossier Super Bounce and then pack on the moisturiser which I’ll continue to top up throughout the flight.

I think a good pair of headphones are an absolute essential on a long haul flight because I don’t really find the ones provided all that comfortable to wear for extended period of time. I like to opt for an overhead style with lots of cushioning around the ears, because sometimes I like to listen to a little light music if it’s a nighttime flight. Also, although a lot of airlines will provide you with a water bottle upon boarding, I like to keep an empty reusable bottle at hand during the entire travel period because staying hydrated on the flight is absolutely vital – I try to stick to water rather than other drinks on the plane.

Depending on the airline and class you fly, sometimes you might be given a toiletry bag with a few essentials inside – I don’t really have much use for most of what’s in them, but I do enjoy British Airways’s new toiletry bag in collaboration with The White Company! It comes with a mini vial of the Relax Pulse Point which I love applying before drifting off to sleep on board. I’ve collected a few from different flights, and now I love to use them any time I need some help getting to sleep. A good pair of cosy socks is another essential for my carry on – I love putting them on as soon as I can because I hate the idea of wearing shoes for the whole journey!

The free eye masks that are often provided are quite scratchy on the eyes, so I usually pack my own if I want to rest on a daytime flight. There are so many out there to choose from at every price point, but I love getting one that’s satin-y so it doesn’t irritate my skin. Once I wake up, I like to quickly brush my teeth and pop a chewing gum so my mouth feels fresh – so a pack of Airwaves is another essential that I need on board!

About an hour before landing, I start thinking about applying a little makeup to look a little more rested. I’m in love with the Bareminerals Complexion Rescue in Buttercream that I’ve been using a lot this year. It’s so lightweight and light coverage, but it gives the naturally radiant skin look that I adore. To inject a little colour back into my face, I love using the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Pale Pink for a healthy, glowy flush on the cheeks. With a few swipes of theĀ Pixi by Petra Large Lash Mascara* and a spritz of Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede, I’m pretty much done – I love this mascara for a very natural, fluttery look which is perfect for light makeup after a long flight.

What are your long haul flight essentials?

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