My End-Of-Year Goals.

My End-Of-Year Goals.

This is probably one of my most favourite times of the year because I love reading all the festive content being published! I find myself spending hours browsing through people’s gift guides, recipes, to-do lists, tips and tricks for the holiday season… and it’s all so much fun! I’m going to be travelling back home to London this weekend so I won’t be online for a couple of days, and I wanted to get this post up before I leave. I’m going to be talking about a handful of goals that I’m setting myself for the rest of the year, both blogging wise and a couple of personal goals too.

1. Look back at my yearly goals.

I always write my yearly goals at the start of the year and then forget that they’re even there! This time I want to look back and make sure that I’m trying my hardest to work towards them right up until the end of 2018, and carrying on into the new year if I can. One of the biggest goals that I think I still haven’t quite managed, is finding my photography style. I’m not quite happy with the way I shoot photographs and I’m always trying to experiment with new ways to style and edit my photos. I hope this is something I can establish soon because I think it’s a real way of branding your content – it’s amazing when you can look at a photo and know immediately who took it!

2. Continue making healthy choices.

This year has been a rough one for me physically. I developed a few bad habits over the course of the (very extreme) seasonal changes in Canada and I’ve found myself reaching for comfort food more often than not. Recently, I’ve tried my best to implement positive, healthy changes in my diet and I want to continue this through into the new year. We all fall into the trap of making bad choices from time to time, and I could feel mine getting on top of me and becoming quite overwhelming… so little by little I’m trying to get back into my old lifestyle where I tended to make healthier choices, both in my diet and with the amount of activity I am getting in each day.


3. Upload my annual gift guides.

They’re a little late this year, but I’m going to be uploading them soon, I promise! I wanted to wait until I got to England as there are several amazing products waiting for me there that I desperately want to include, and so I’m going to take all the photographs as soon as I get there. The guides are probably my most favourite posts to shoot photos for (although they involve a lot of clean up afterwards, especially with all the snowflakes and glitter), but I’m always so pleased with how all the pretty gifts look all in one shot!

3. Host a big giveaway! 

I’m SUPER excited about this one as I haven’t hosted a giveaway since the summer and I know how much I love hosting them… the prize is probably my best one yet and I can’t wait to share it with you all. Make sure that you’re following me on Instagram as that’s where I’ll be uploading all the details (very, very soon!).


What are your end of year goals?

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