New Homeware Finds.

New Homeware Finds.

So it was Anthropologie’s birthday the other week… so of course, I had to pick up a few pieces using their AnthroDay discount! Most of this haul is from that order, but I’ve managed to accumulate quite a few homeware pieces from various places over the past couple of months, and I know how loved interiors content seems to be so I thought I’d put together a post sharing some of my favourite  finds!

For my office, I chose these gold scissors and a gold ruler that both match the rest of my office stationery incredibly well. I have the Kate Spade acrylic range at my desk and they don’t make a matching pair of scissors or a ruler which makes it difficult to complete the set but I love how these look alongside it. The scissors make an incredibly satisfying snip sounds when cutting paper – I was wrapping a gift the other day and it was an oddly satisfying job when using these. Anthropologie stock a lot of Rifle Paper Co goodies and I needed a new calendar for next year, so I opted for the Lemons Wall Calendar for 2019 – expect to see a lot of it in photographs next year because the illustrations are just too cute!

I think I’m really beginning to find my style when it comes to interiors, I love the mid-century modern look with brass details and lots of greenery, with splashes of blush pink appearing in the mix too. The theme seems to be recurring in most of the rooms in the house, and I love how fresh and bright it feels. My kitchen came with black granite countertops, and although they are beautiful, they’re really hard to photograph and style in a way that matches my taste (which is why I don’t really photograph my kitchen at all).

I do have lots of pretty kitchenware though, and a lot of it is from Anthropologie because their kitchen/dining section is the best I’ve ever come across. To add to my serveware, I picked up these gorgeous brass serving tongs and the most beautiful agate cheese board I have ever laid eyes on. If I’m honest, the latter was extremely pricey, even with the discount, but I was so drawn to it that I somehow talked myself into purchasing it anyway. I know I’ll be using it as a decor piece as well, because it’s just too stunning not to. Keeping with the agate theme, I found a couple more agate coasters that I liked the look of – I have quite a few of these but they’re just so wonderful to have as candle plates and blog props, as well as using them for coaster purposes. I have them dotted around the house and they really help bring the rooms together.

With coasters, come mugs and pretty coffee accessories. I’ve found two beautiful mugs in the Anthro store the other day that I’ve added to my mug cupboard – this giant teacup and this blue watercolour mug that matches the lilac one I purchased last winter absolutely perfectly (the latter was in the sale too so a real bargain!). I also chose this Barista & Co. Mini Carafe in Midnight Gold to match my milk pitcher and coffee pod holder so now I have a complete set.

I’ve been looking for some cute storage too and I found this peach coloured accessory tray from Poppin. The colour is absolutely beautiful, so I picked up the matching ‘this + that’ tray as well, which slots inside to make a more compact storage solution. Speaking of trays, this gold lemon trinket dish is one of the most unique pieces I’ve ever found and I immediately had to get it! I have far too many jewellery dishes but something about this one is incredibly unique and special. I’m still not sure where I’m going to put this one yet but I’m sure it will find a home somewhere over the next few days.

You can’t have a homeware haul without candles, so of course I chose two for the festive season… this Voluspa Gilt Pomander and Hinoki Three Wick is going to last all of December and it smells so festive! I’ve also been burning the Boulangerie Pumpkin Souffle Candle this month, and it’s the most gorgeous sweet and spicy scent.

I thought I’d also mention a couple of finds that I picked up a few months ago, but they’re still available online – I finally managed to get my hands on the cityscape pencil pot that I’ve been eyeing up for months, and it’s adorable sitting on my desk with a handful of gold pens inside. I also stumbled across this citrus squeeze bottle opener which I thought would double up perfectly as a blog prop and will definitely be appearing in some festive posts down the line!

What do you think of these pieces I picked up?

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