Scenting Your Home This Season.

Scenting Your Home This Season.

This time of year is definitely when candles become an absolutely necessity around my house! I love having different scents all year round, but there’s something about the lead up to the festive season that has me reaching for all the winter scents. I haven’t posted an interiors blog post for a while now, so I thought I’d put one together featuring a few of my favourite scents to invest in this winter.

If you’re a fan of spicy scents like me, I’d highly recommend having a sniff of the Bella Freud Fairy Tale of New York candle. It’s very musky and unique, and I think it’s a bit of love-it or hate-it as it’s such a strong scent, but I think it’s perfect for burning in my office as I write up my festive blog posts this year! I actually got this in March but I’ve kept it unlit until now because I wanted to save it for the colder months in Canada. However, like with the other candles I’m going to mention in this post, this one fills the room with scent even when it hasn’t been lit. The packaging feels extremely premium too so I know I’ll be keeping it to store brushes in once I’ve finished the wax this winter.

Of course, I couldn’t write this blog post without mentioning Diptyque. I think Diptyque is definitely my favourite brand when it comes to candles to invest in – they provide such a good selection of scents to choose from and they all throw off so much scent even without being lit. There are lots of options when it comes to scenting your home, and I find one of the best ways to disperse scent for a long period of time without burning a candle is to find a good diffuser or a room spray. A lot of affordable room sprays tend to lack lasting power, so I finally took the plunge and invested in the  Diptyque Figuier Room Spray – the liquid version of one of my all time favourite candle scents. It’s actually perfect for any time of year which is why I opted for it, however there’s something so warming about the smell of figs in the winter. It’s not too sweet and not too strong, but it adds that winter cosy-ness to the living room during the day when I need it the most!

Once the evening rolls around, I’m all about the candles though – and Diptyque Baies & Feu De Bois are two at the top of my list this time of year. Both are quite strong, woody and I’d describe the latter as quite masculine, but for scenting the home I think they’re the most inviting scents I’ve ever found. I have them in miniature form and I purchased the jumbo size of Feu De Bois earlier this year for the very purpose of making my house smell extremely festive throughout November and December!

What are your favourite scents to fill your home with?

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