February Goals.

February Goals.

Aaah, wasn’t January just the longest month ever?? It felt like it would never end so of course I’m thrilled to wake up and find out it’s finally February. And as with the start of every month, here are the things that I’m working towards in the weeks to come…

1. Have a wardrobe clearout.

This one is a long time coming. I’ve been watching a lot of I Covet Thee recently and her timeless style has got me re-evaluating my entire wardrobe. Although I do enjoy a splash of colour here and there, the minimalistic and neutral approach is definitely far more wearable day-to-day, not to mention soooo much easier to style. This might be more of a long term goal, but I need to invest in some staple neutral pieces down the line – but this month I’m pencil-ing in a good old wardrobe clear out where I can sort out all the bits I definitely won’t be reaching for again.

2. Give my office a revamp.

An office should always be a space to motivate, and I think mine isn’t quite cutting it anymore. I don’t feel the sparks fire when I go there, so much so that I’ve found myself working in other parts of the house. I want to give it a little bit of an inspirational makeover this month and re-inject some colour and creativity back into the space. I’m think splashes of pink and mustard and perhaps a nice duck-egg blue… either way, I want to feel happier and inspired working there so this one is a big goal for this month.

3. Pick up HIIT training.

I’ve dabbled with this before but never really committed, although I don’t know why. It’s the perfect style of workout for me – little time in the gym, intense but short – yet still super effective. I want to pick up HIIT sessions again a few times a week and see how that makes me feel by the end of the month – I’m hoping stronger, a little fitter and definitely healthier than January has been for me!

4. Rediscover my routine.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve fallen off the routine wagon and being someone who needs some kind of structure in order to function in life, it’s left me feeling quite lost. This month, I’m going to try and get back into some kind of pattern that organises my day and week in a way that works for me – and allows me to incorporate everything I need to do in a time frame that doesn’t have me fretting by Friday!

What are your February goals?


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