Let’s Talk… Youth To The People.

Let’s Talk… Youth To The People.

I haven’t really talked about my skincare routine in a hot minute, even though it’s something I’ve become really passionate about over the past year. I’ve been on the hunt to involve more clean beauty into my routine, and really trying to understand the power of natural ingredients and the benefits of incorporating them into my skincare regime. If I’m brutally honest, I have dry skin but it’s quite erratic. On days where everything is jolly hormonally, it’s in need of a good hydration but for the most part, things are pretty good. However, the minute things aren’t so harmonious internally, it certainly does make a bold appearance in the form of painfully red spots on my chin and jawline. Not so cute.

So recently, I’ve been eyeing up Sephora quite a lot, and when the opportunity to try some products from Youth To The People arose, of course I was all over it. The brand is very much focused on the power of superfoods, and innovation – and although my skin can be very temperamental at times, I know it’s really been enjoying these new products in my routine.

1/ Superfood Face Wash*

What really stood out to me with YTTP – the fact that they don’t offer a whole range of cleansers for lots of different skin types, concerns, preferences… they have one powerful yet gentle gel face wash that is designed to work itself into everyone’s routine, no matter how elaborate or simple it may be. I love using this twice a day, one pump in the morning upon waking and one pump again at night. It leaves my face feeling clean but not stripped, it foams up nicely and washes off easily. The colour is quite pleasing to the eye (such a zesty green!), and it smells like a healthy juice.

2/ Superberry Hydrate + Glow Oil*

I have a bit of an on/off relationship with facial oils, sometimes they’re all my skin ever wants with it being so dry and flakey, other times my skin won’t have any of it and any oil feels heavy and greasy. Saying that, no such problem has happened when it comes to this one. It seems to be the perfect weight and texture so that even on my less-than-happy skin days, my complexion just seems to drink up the moisture and glow. Heck, I even use this on my hands and nails to keep my cuticles soft and healthy too! As with pretty much any oil, a little goes a long way… so this little bottle will last a while I imagine.

3/ Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream*

So, this one is probably my favourite of the three, and here’s why. The texture is dreamy… I can only liken it to whipped frosting, light and airy but it packs a punch when it comes to heavy hydration. It works perfectly underneath makeup and there’s no waiting time for the product to sink in before you can go over with your primer. I feel like the formula plumps and fills out my skin – and best of all, on acne days, my spots don’t redden or become aggravated by this one. It’s as gentle as nappy cream – stay with me here – by that I mean no fragrance, very soothing, just seems to calm everything right down.

Youth To The People 5

All in all, I’m really impressed with the products I’ve tried from the range and I already have my eye on the Superberry Hydrate + Glow Mask seeing as I love the oil so much.

Have you tried anything from YTTP?



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