My Evening Skincare Routine ft. Caudalie.

My Evening Skincare Routine ft. Caudalie.

I remember buying my first Caudalie skincare product in a little pharmacy while visiting Paris in 2012. I had watched copious YouTube videos with French skincare hauls and Caudalie kept cropping up as the must-try brand, so of course, it was at the top of my list when I arrived! I settled for the travel size Beauty Elixir, and I remember using it sparingly because I loved it so much and it was pricier than any other skincare I owned at the time. I stand by the fact that it’s a bit of a princess product, but I’ve repurchased and still use it to this day – and Caudalie has quickly become a brand the I revisit on a regular basis for gorgeous luxury skincare. With all that in mind, I’m sure you can imagine my reaction to the lovely PR team reaching out to share their Vinoperfect range with me! I’m always looking for new skincare to try, and the ingredients in this range made me really curious – I’ve been using them as part of my evening skincare routine over the last few weeks so I thought I’d share how I use them in a blog post.

Let’s talk Vinoperfect… specifically the concentrated brightening essence*. I used to think that an essence was the same thing as a toner, but I recently learned that it absolutely isn’t. The difference between the two is that toners are used as an extra cleansing step in your routine – you use them to wipe off any residual makeup or grime from the day… but an essence is the step in-between a toner and a serum. It’s actually the first step in the ‘care’ part of skincare, a formula that sinks right into the skin to hydrate, smooth and prepare it for more moisture. Rather than soaking a cotton round, the brightening essence* works amazing with just a few drops on my fingertips pressed into my skin. It sinks right in, getting everything prepped to better absorb the ingredients in my routine that follow.

I always include some kind of serum in my skincare routine, both morning and night, and recently it’s been the radiance serum* to keep things glowy and fresh before I apply moisturiser. My skin drinks the formula up immediately which means I don’t have to wait, and it pairs perfectly with perhaps the most exciting of the lot – the new brightening glycolic night cream*. This rich little number is formulated with glycolic acid which smooths out dark spots and brightens the appearance of dull skin while you sleep. It also contains papaya extract and vine sap viniferine (both wonderful at working radiance-boosting magic) so it becomes a gentle overnight peel. I’ve been applying a little of this as my night cream every evening and each morning, my skin appears visibly brightened when I wake up – even when I’m lacking a few hours in the sleep department!

Have you tried the Caudalie Vinoperfect range?

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