New-In Beauty Additions.

New-In Beauty Additions.

Some shiny new launches that I want to share… along with a handful of gems that have been around for a while (but are new discoveries for me) that I thought I’d fill you in on. I tend to get a little stuck in a rut when it comes to my makeup, but this month I decided to start with some fresh products that have kindly been sent my way and give the old makeup bag a bit of a re-jig. Here’s what I’ve been reaching for…

I always squeal opening new makeup from Charlotte Tilbury and although it’s been around for a while, I had the same reaction to opening a bottle of the Hollywood Flawless Filter* earlier this week. The gorgeous glass packaging is one thing, with all the rose gold accents and fancy script, but the application and result was something else. I’ve always been a huge fan of the Wonder Glow* primer, so I never really thought to try this when it first came out. However, this product is a little bit like the primer with more glow and a hint of colour thrown in the mix. It gives that real soft-focus effect that I love, both on it’s own and underneath something with a bit more coverage.

I wanted to give an honourable mention to the IT Cosmetics Oil-Free CC+ Cream* because I think it’s the perfect makeup must-have for combination/oily skin. I’ll be honest… I think I still prefer the original formula because of my dry complexion, but this one is an amazing option for gals who find that one a little too on the verge of dewy vs. greasy. It glides on, gives amazing coverage without feeling heavy and dries down to a matte (but not cakey) finish… ticks all the boxes, right?

Ok, so something I initially thought was a bit of gimmick but I was still keen to try – the new Marc Jacobs Velvet Primer*. I mean, as much as I love the whole priming step of makeup, priming your lashes? Hmm. But, I’m glad to say that I stand corrected… this little gem works surprisingly well together with the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara*, and I’m yet to try pairing it with some of my other mascara faves. Volume, check. Separation, check. Length, looks-like-I’m-wearing-falsies check. This little duo has quickly become my lash go-to and I’m more than happy to spend the extra minute coating my lashes with a primer for the way it makes my lashes so fluttery.

I’ve never really been any good at the whole contour game, so I love discovering products that make it all super easy. I can’t believe how long it took me to think about trying the Charlotte Tilbury Highlight & Contour Wands* – I guess the sponge-tip applicator make me a little iffy about the whole thing. Since then, I’ve tried her Magic Away concealer*, fallen in love with the whole idea, and thought to finally give these a whirl. These two take the fear of walking out the door with harsh lines all over your face away completely – they’re super creamy and blendable, so much so that I use my finger to blend everything in place. The formula seems to melt into my base makeup so it all looks natural and the highlight gives just the right amount of dewy glow. Love, love, LOVE.

Right, onto a blush that I can’t seem to get enough of – the bareMinerals Gen Nude Blush in You Had Me At Merlot* looks scary in the pan but so pretty on! It’s more of a bitten berry shade so one I probably wouldn’t normally think of wearing, but it’s one of those shades that works wonderfully on minimal makeup days. Think mascara, a tinted berry balm and this blush. Such a gorgeous look for days where I want a little somethin’ somethin’ but not too many products to get there.

And for the lips! Probably one of the most exciting packages I have ever received came last week – containing a few special bits from YSL (yes, I’m still in shock and feeling so incredibly grateful). A couple of the products were from the recent YSL Plump in Colour Lipstick range launch and I have been loving the shades Delirious Orange and Insane Pink*. These are more of a coloured balm, super nourishing and tingly on the lips, with buildable colour and a whole lotta shine. They make my lips very pouty and plump, just as the name suggests – and I know I’ll be wearing them well into the summer months.

What are your favourite makeup discoveries?

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