An Introduction To Neostrata.

An Introduction To Neostrata.

I recently shared some of my evening skincare routine on my blog, but seeing as I’ve also revamped my morning skincare with a couple of newbies from Neostrata, I thought I’d also talk a little bit about what I’ve been using in the AM too. When Springtime rolls around (not that it has quite yet here in Ottawa), I’m all about trying to freshen up and brighten my skin as well as my surroundings, and I’ve found that one of the best ways that I’m able to do that is through introducing vitamin C into my beauty routine. The Enlighten range from Neostrata contains a lot of this little star ingredient to help brighten and illuminate your skin, as well as protect it from any harsh external factors such as sun rays, stress and pollution.

Morning time is never a time where I’m able to enjoy an extensive skincare lineup, so I like to keep things pretty basic with just a handful of products that can prep my skin for the day. I’ve been sticking to a pump of my fave YTTP Superfood Cleanser to quickly cleanse, followed by a cotton round soaked with Pixi Glow Tonic (another absolute holy grail), and then come these two…

Neostrata Vitamin C Concentrate Radiance Capsules*

I was super intrigued when this little jar landed in my mailbox a couple of weeks ago, because although I’ve seen quite a few variants of skincare capsules around, I had never actually tried any. The idea behind creating capsules is to ensure that the ingredients remain as fresh and potent as they possibly can, so when you apply them to your skin, you get the most concentrated dose. These little capsules contain pure vitamin C which instantly brightens and protects my skin for the day ahead. I don’t know how to describe the experience of application, other than it feels like silk on my skin. Each little capsule contains just the right amount for one application and the product itself is so weightless – it just works it’s magic and disappears, leaving my skin radiant, refreshed and ready for moisturiser!

Neostrata Brightening Complex Skin Tone Corrector*

When it comes to moisture, let’s just say my skin needs all that it can get – especially during seasonal change. I’ve been using a few pumps of this bad boy to really boost radiance and even out my skin tone in the mornings, topped with my daily moisturiser to lock in more hydration. The formula is packed with amazing brightening ingredients such as 0.1% retinol, vitamin c (of course) and antioxidants found in oh-so-trendy turmeric. It’s very light and refreshing but the result packs a punch – not to mention it smells super zesty which is exactly what I need when I wake up!

Have you tried anything from Neostrata?

What are your favourite products?

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