Styling My Bathroom Vanity.

Styling My Bathroom Vanity.

So this blog post has been a long one in the making! I wanted to write this last summer when I first changed up my countertop from dark black linoleum to a gorgeous white marble (a huge task to take on and all thanks to my lovely husband that it was completed without too many hiccups or injuries). However, I decided against it until I found a skincare cabinet that would double up as a large mirror over the top of my vanity. I loved the ones in IKEA, but they were completely the wrong size for the space (I needed something much wider) – but after several months of looking, I found the perfect cabinet that now houses all of my skincare and haircare. I’m planning to write a post on that at a later date, but I was happy enough with the progress to create this post for now – and all that’s left to do in the en-suite is replace the shower tiles with something more modern (they’re an absolutely hideous brown floral tile right now that haven’t been replaced since the ’80s).

Marble & gold.

The basic blogger bathroom, but I couldn’t help myself. There’s something so fresh and modern about this combination and I knew that when I got round to renovating the en-suite, this is what I’d go for. I ended up choosing a counter-top from our local home improvement store, and fitted it with this stunning champagne bronze Delta faucet. Of course, changing the faucet meant changing the colour of all the hardware in the bathroom so I found matching outlet plates, towel rings and rails. I’ve had this beautiful mirrored gold tray from Oliver Bonas for a while and it sits perfectly in the corner, so that remained and I styled it with some skincare.

Streamlining my skincare essentials.

I like having most of my morning skincare on the side so it’s easily accessible when I wake up – I definitely don’t want to be fumbling around finding different day creams and cleansers first thing! I keep my trusty YTTP Superfood cleanser* nearby to wash my face and the gorgeous Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream* as a wonderful base underneath my makeup routine. The Pixi Glow Tonic* is a product I love to use in the mornings as well – and this personalised jumbo size looks so gorgeous on the counter too which is always a bonus!

Adding luxe details.

This was probably the bit I found most fun – choosing little extra details to add to the space to keep it all cohesive. H&M Home have some real gems for projects like this – I bought two little gold rimmed glass tealight holders while at university, and I hadn’t found a use for them ever since I moved to Canada. These ended up working perfectly as little holders for cotton buds and cotton rounds – and I think they look adorable! Also, probably the most boujee purchase I’ve made in a while, but I recently treated myself to a Jo Malone hand wash and lotion gift set that I saved for when my bathroom vanity was complete. I’m obsessed with the Lime Basil & Mandarin scent for springtime, so that’s the scent I went for, and they look so luxe next to the faucet. Of course, that kind of splurge is not something I can keep up with on the regular but I’m definitely going to enjoy them while they last!


And there we have it… a little peek into my bathroom and how I’ve styled it! x

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