The Face Shop x Dr. Belmeur.

The Face Shop x Dr. Belmeur.

I love it the opportunity to collaborate with a new skincare brand drops into my inbox… I’m always excitedly waiting for the products to arrive so I can test them out and find new skincare gems to share with you all! Of course, this was no exception when the The Face Shop reached out to ask if I wanted to try Dr. Belmeur – with all the minimalist labels and pharmaceutical aesthetic, I was all over it. After doing a little research into the brand and what separated it from the many other skincare brands out there, I was intrigued to see that the product line consisted of a special formula known as Skin-Sync Rx™, a similar structure to our skin, which allows the ingredients to better absorb and work their magic.

I was offered a Winter S.O.S box (which stands for Save Our Skin in this case), catered to my skin type, filled with an entire line to see me through the cold weather. The products are available individually on The Face Shop website, so I thought I’d do a breakdown of my first impressions on the whole line – there are hits (and a couple of misses), but the brand offers even more than what’s in this post so I’d highly recommend doing a bit of research on your skin-type and what combination of products would work for your personal routine.

Starting with a good old cleanse and tone, I’ve been trialing the Daily Repair Foam Cleanser * and Daily Repair Toner* and if I’m honest, I didn’t find them that different than other products I’ve tried. They’re both very gentle, as with a lot of the Dr. Belmeur line, which make them wonderful for sensitive skin – but I’ve always preferred cream or gel cleansers over foam because I find them less stripping. These two might be better suited for oilier skin-types because they certainly left my face feeling clean and fresh – however, they also left my skin needing a lot of moisture, so I’m really glad I had some fab hydrating products to follow up (see below).

Moving onto the star of the box – the Advanced CICA Peptide Ampoule* was the product I was most keen to try as it promised smoother, energized skin and could be used on it’s own as a serum or mixed in with my favourite moisturiser. The ingredients include Centella Asiatica extract and a peptide complex to repair damaged skin and keep things plump and healthy. I love the way that this makes my skin feel after application – particularly when I pair it with the Advanced CICA Recovery Cream*. This pale pink moisturiser has a whipped gel like consistency that is really easy to mix with serums to amp up your skincare routine. It sinks right into dry skin and keeps everything hydrated for hours – and the tub itself is huge which means it will definitely last a while.

I’ve also been dabbling with the Clarifying Spot Plaster Bands*, which are small sticky dots that you apply on active breakouts and leave overnight. I’ve only tried this on a couple of small breakouts, so I can’t really give a full review of what I’ve found. However, I have noticed that the redness around any spots goes down after using these, and the breakout area in general appears calmer and less irritated. The main ingredient is tea-tree oil which is known to be excellent for spot treatment, but I’ll keep you updated once I’ve tried these on more severe time-of-the-month guests that appear on my face every now and again!

The Dr. Belmeur line is available to shop online at The Face Shop – and they have lots of different products to mix and match so be sure to take a peek if you’re on the hunt for some gentle skincare to incorporate into your routine.

Have you tried anything from this line?

What have been your skincare discoveries lately?

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