Let’s Catch Up.

Let’s Catch Up.

So… here’s my first rambling personal post of 2019! It’s definitely been a while since I sat down and chatted about what’s been going on but I always feel so good after I’ve typed it all up. I’ve been a little quiet on the blog and social media recently and it’s all because there have been lots of (good) things that happened all at once – so I think it’s time for a mini catch-up and what I’m working on in the near future…

First up – let’s start of with the big ‘un that’s taken up a lot of my time… I’m a permanent resident! My application, after many many long months, finally went through and I had my landing interview at the start of the month. I’m not able to travel until I receive my card in the mail which might be a month or so, but I’m so so happy that I’m finally allowed to work in Canada. I had been staying in Ottawa under a visitor visa which meant hopping back and forth between the UK and here every six months – and although that’s never a bad thing, I was desperate to get my career started as soon as possible.

Now for the job hunt… a seriously stressful process that I’m experiencing right now. The job market is a little tricky in Ottawa for someone who isn’t fluent in both of Canada’s national languages (French was never my strong suit). However, I’ve got my positive thinking to get me through and – hopefully – I’ll come out the other end with a job that I love.

With all of this change, I wanted to really think about switching up my routine and making healthy lifestyle choices to keep me on track for a strong start to working life. I’ve been more conscious of being as sustainable as possible, and making time for my wellness, both physically and mentally. I have thought about writing a separate post on this and talking about the different ways in which I’m working towards this goal, but let me know if that’s something you might be interested in reading!

In terms of blogging – I’ve always loved having this outlet as somewhere to be creative and write down my thoughts. I’ve been working on more collaborations with local brands to support local businesses and become more involved in the Ottawa community. Not only do I get to meet really wonderful people, but I get to share their wonderful services and offerings with all of you along the way! I have a few different projects in the pipeline, but most recently, I had the pleasure of visiting Tappa Hair Salon for the first time. The staff working there were honestly some of the loveliest people I’ve met in Canada, and I’m so thrilled to be collaborating with them. I went in for a couple of new beauty treatments that Tappa are offering – a lash lift + tint* and a scalp renew*. Having never had a lash lift, I was very intrigued by the process, and the results were absolutely incredible. The treatment essentially involves a perm lotion that curls your lashes for up to 6-8 weeks and that tint adds that extra definition and depth that somehow made all the difference. I’m in love with how my lashes turned out, and I’ll definitely be going back for perfectly curled lashes all throughout summer!

Nothing beats the feeling of a fresh blow-dry and so the scalp renew was a serious treat! The service starts with a chat where I mentioned my hair concerns with the stylist – this allowed for the treatment to be customised and tailored to my dry, frizzy, fragile hair. I wanted deep conditioning and lots of volume and Kyla definitely delivered! I’m thrilled with the texture and feel of my hair now – it’s a lot more nourished and healthy, and the results will last for up to a month.

And that’s all for my catch up – but there’s lots of new, exciting things on the way so watch this space!


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