Hand Cream Heroes.

Hand Cream Heroes.

I’ve done quite a few posts on facial skincare this year so I thought I’d mix it up a bit and talk about hand creams this month instead – my skin gets incredibly dry all year round and I’m always on the hunt for a good formula for keeping my mitts moisturised! Here are a few of my top picks that I’ve discovered over the past few months…

& Other Stories make some wonderful hand creams in both large bottles with pumps and mini tubes that you can pop into your handbag. The formula sinks right in and seems to keep my skin hydrated for hours. I love the scent Miami Muse which I keep on my desk for when my hands are feeling a little dry, and I’m definitely going to be picking up a few other scents to try out when this one finishes.

Laura Mercier have a wonderful selection of luxe scented hand creams with an amazing formula too – my favourite is probably creme brulee because it smells absolutely divine – but the nourishing whipped texture also works a treat for dry hands. I always buy the travel sets at Christmas with a selection of scents – and then I divide them up between my bedside table, my car and different handbags so I have one nearby at all times.

My most recent splurge was the Aesop Resurrection Hand Balm which I keep on my coffee table. It smells like a spa, quite zesty and fresh. I love how quickly it works it’s magic – my hands feel soft immediately and the balm-like texture ensures that the formula locks right into the skin. The tube is huge so it’s going to last a long time – I wish they made this in a smaller version for my handbag because I love it so much!

Speaking of splurge – I couldn’t write up this post without including a little Jo Malone! I think I’ve mentioned my love for the geranium and walnut hand cream in the past but I’ve recently tried the larger Jo Malone Hand & Body Cream in Lime, Basil & Mandarin and I adore this scent and formula for the summer. Just like the Aesop scent, it’s very fresh and citrus-y – but a bit lighter and more like a lotion than a balm. I love to apply a little of this after washing my hands with the same scent in hand-wash form… I love this particular scent from JM so much that I need all that I can get!

What are you hand-cream heroes?

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