May Goals.

May Goals.

How is it already the fifth month of the year?! The first few months of 2019 have been so jam packed with different things that the weeks are just slipping by… and May seems no different it seems. I have a few big things to be working on this month so here are some of my goals that I have set out for the next four weeks:

Job hunt… this one is the biggest (and scariest) goal that I’ve set myself but thanks to my permanent residence finally coming through, I’m now looking to launch my career. I want to find something that feels the right fit for me and that can be quite daunting when everything around you still seems new! I’ve been in Canada for nearly two years now but everything seemed to change one I was no longer here as a visitor. I’m trying not to put too much pressure on myself when it comes to this goal but hopefully I’ll find something that fits and feels right for me soon.

Practice my French… a goal that seems to be going hand in hand with job hunting. Being fluent in both of Canada’s national languages is a huge asset when looking for a job so I’ve been taking a bit of time out each day to brush up on my French. It’s a long work in progress but I’m hoping to commit this month and practice some more! I’ve only taken French up until GCSE level, but I’ve surprised myself with how much I seem to remember… it’s funny how that works.


Pickup my workouts again… I feel like this is always on my list of goals every month because I always start the month of with the best of intentions and then for some reason, I fall off the bandwagon by mid month! I have been quite sick since the end of last year and this meant that working out was even more challenging to include as part of my routine. I have been better for a few weeks now and there’s no excuse – I have to get back into it and I hope this is the month that it sticks.

Collaborate more… I had some wonderful collaborations last month which allowed me to create more content and keep myself busy with something I find so fulfilling! I’m hoping that carries into the months ahead because I love working together with different brands and local businesses and creating fresh content for you all to enjoy. One of my favourite collaborations last month was with a lovely local doughnut shop and it made me realise how fun it was to create more food based content – I hope this is something I might be able to do more of this month!

Reshuffle my beauty collection… this is something I tried at the beginning of last month and I loved it! It really helped me reevaluate what I use and don’t use so I could streamline my stash, not to mention it helped me rediscover old gems and find newbies that I had yet to try. I wrote a whole post on the bits I was reaching for in April and I’d like to switch things up again for May.

What are your goals for this month?


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