Our En-suite Renovation.

Sunday nights always feel better when you can spend them relaxing in the perfect space for an evening pamper. That’s something that’s been quite difficult to create with our en-suite shower tiles being so incredibly outdated – the floral pattern was definitely stuck in the eighties with no sign of ever coming back on trend…ugh. I knew that re-tiling was going to be an incredibly costly and time consuming project – and to be honest, it’s just not one that made it to the top of my priorities when it came to house renovations. That was until I stumbled across something I never even knew was an option – repainting the shower tiles to give an updated look on a budget… not to mention, without the hassle of ripping out old tiles and replacing them with new ones. It sounded too good to be true, but I knew I wanted to give it a go… it looked so easy in the tutorials after all!

I was lucky enough to be able to team up with Rustoleum for this project, who kindly provided a few of their Tub ‘n’ Tile Refinishing Kits* and the Tub ‘n’ Tile Etching Cream* to help us take on this mini reno. The prep work was probably the one of the hardest parts of the job because it’s vital that the surface is spotless prior to painting. Even though we cleaned, and cleaned, and cleaned again, we still had some trouble with the first coat and I had to track down some fish eye eliminator solution as there were little bubbles appearing on the surface of the paint. However, after mixing in a few drops of the solution with the epoxy paint, that problem disappeared with the second and third coat.



One thing I hadn’t realised was exactly how strong the smell of this paint is – we ended up purchasing a respirator because there was no way of being around the paint without wearing a mask. However, with good ventilation, it’s not a smell that lingered and the results were exactly what I wanted… so totally worth it. Of course, I was out of this bathroom for about a week (the project required proper drying time even after completion), so we had to use the family bathroom for that time – just something to keep in mind in case you don’t have the option to use a second bathroom, you’d definitely need to find another place to shower while undertaking this project as I don’t see it only taking an afternoon. Looking at the before and after pictures of the tiles speaks the loudest I think – the bathroom instantly looks bigger, more modern and definitely more relaxing to spend time in.

After using the shower for a couple of weeks now, I can say that the paint wears well and looks more like natural tiles rather than painted tile after a few showers. It’s easy to clean with a standard shower cleaner, and it still looks bright white. So far I’m really impressed with the outcome as it’s such a budget friendly way to update your shower without too much hassle or faff – I’d definitely consider doing it again in the future because I love how my shower has totally transformed. I do need to update the shower faucet to something a little more sleek – but for now, I’m just enjoying long bubble baths with all of my favourite beauty products lined up on the bath caddy…

What do you think of this mini tub and tile reno?

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